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THESTARTUP.com is a new kind of private incubator that enables startups to maximize growth while minimizing risk through digital tools, resource mapping, customized guide paths and personalized advice.

Our partnership is not bound by time, cohort or class. We stay with you for the entire journey and provide virtual tools that are not limited by geography.

Our ultimate desire is to help founders avoid mistakes and maximize time while maintaining the balance of life, business and the idea.

Are you ready for the climb?

Four Ways We Are Different:

A Dedicated Sherpa

A mentor providing personalized guidance for the intersection between life, business and the idea throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Digital Tools

Digital tools that make geography irrelevant

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Customized Resources

Customized resources for the entire journey

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Capital Formation

A tailored capital formation strategy

Getting Started is Simple:

Find the hidden shortcuts top companies use to experience breakthrough growth and take the opportunity to learn from their mistakes by following these three steps!


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