Product Release Notes.

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21st November 2022

New Features:

  • Extra playbook features - You now have the ability to create playbooks as a “syllabus” only feature without the need to ask a Q&A. This new addition will give the user the ability to directly proceed to learning content and resources by skipping the initial step of a Q&A.
  • Announcement Feature - You now have the ability to make announcements to users. You have the ability to embed videos, links, and events.
  • Dynamic Journey Planner - You now have the ability to curate the users journey by creating a journey planner. A journey planner is a series of questions created by the Network Admin to accurately guide the user to a specific set of playbooks and resources based on answers given to journey planner questions.


  • Playbook NBA text editor: The bullet points and numbers issue has been fixed.
  • White screen: When a user started a playbook and a change was made to the playbook in the backend by a Network Admin, it consequentially broke the users progress on the playbook and therefore a white screen was shown on the users side.
  • Ability to access Onboarding at any time: A user can now revert to onboarding where they can make changes to their Profile, as well as change their Journey Planner answers.