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Managing an ecosystem is tough work.

Navigating the intricacies of building our own digital ecosystem, we've intimately felt the challenges that support organizations grapple with. 

It's this firsthand experience that fueled us to craft a platform tailor-made for entrepreneurial ecosystems, ensuring communities worldwide thrive.

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Scattered Community Assets

Valuable resources, be it events, content, funding, or even community members, need to be within easy reach. We've seen how scattered resources can hinder entrepreneurs, and our platform addresses that.

Reaching Your Program's Limit

Handling only a finite number of entrepreneurs often culminates in the painful "Rejection Cliff". Because we've felt that sting, our platform is designed for scalable support, ensuring no entrepreneur is left behind.

The Data Puzzle

Navigating multiple data sources to gain insights can be daunting. We've streamlined it for you, providing a clear snapshot of your organization's impact, and highlighting areas in programs, budget, and funding that need attention.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Staying interconnected within an ecosystem isn't always straightforward for entrepreneurs. Recognizing this challenge firsthand, our solution paves a smoother path for collaboration and resource access.

Our Solution...

Our customizable platform is built specifically for entrepreneurial ecosystems and communities of all shapes and sizes.

We like to call it an ERM or Entrepreneur Relationship Management system.

The platform integrates directly with your existing resources and community allowing your organization to provide personalized journeys, a vibrant network, useful resources and valuable knowledge to your entrepreneurs without the headache of managing multiple services.

Better understand the needs of entrepreneurs in your community.
Manage the entrepreneurs journey through content and resources.
Connect multiple partners on a single platform.
Centralize communications and applications for funding.
Create a thriving community of entrepreneurs and mentors.
Analyze entrepreneurs progress with data-driven analytics to understand your impact.

Redefined Ecosystem Management with...


Delivering right-time resources


Reduction of Needless Effort


Actionable Data Insight

"With the TheStartup.com Platform, we found a product to meet our requirements and a company that would work with us to co-design even better tools based on many conversations, workshops, and feedback from the student founders. The platform will be the engine that powers the next generation of student startups at Trinity College, and we look forward to a long partnership."

Gavan Drohan, Head of Entrepreneurship, Trinity College Dublin

“Our vision with Venture 313 is to simplify the entrepreneurial journey for Detroit founders by delivering coaching, capital, and community through one, easy-to-use platform. TheStartup.com has been a great partner in providing the technology and strategic support to help make this vision a reality.”

James Feagin, Director of Economic Mobility for the Gilbert Family Foundation

"Without the TheStartup.com, The Boost Pad would not be where it is today. We never felt that we were a customer; we always felt like a partner. Their focus to democratize entrepreneurships for ALL resonates with our community."

Steven Lewis, CEO, The Boost Pad and Co-Active Capital

Versatile Use Cases

The platform offers a wide range of functionalities to cater to diverse use cases, seamlessly accommodating various organizations and purposes.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Deliver the right content at the right time.

Personalize the learning experience based on individual user needs, driving user engagement and fostering business growth.

Efficient Application Management

Streamline your application processes

Simplify the process of managing applications for grants, loans, or programs, saving time and effort for both your organization and the entrepreneurs you support.

Nurturing Business Communities

Foster connections that matter.

Leverage our platform's community features to cultivate active, vibrant business communities, encouraging collaboration, sharing of resources, and mutual support.

Tailored Learning Paths

Learn, grow, succeed.

Utilize our platform's playbook feature to create customized learning paths for users, guiding them through the necessary steps to build and grow their businesses.

Comprehensive Resource Management

All your resources, one platform.

Consolidate and manage all your business support resources in one place, making it easier for users to find and utilize the tools they need to succeed.

What We Offer

Reduce the operational hassle while empowering entrepreneurial communities. We’ve built a comprehensive platform packed with diverse features for thriving communities.

Your brand, your way.

Enjoy a high degree of personalization and control over the look, feel, and function of your platform, making it seamlessly align with your brand identity.

Fully customizable interface for a unique user experience.
Options to tailor the content, features, and tools to your organization's needs.
Enhanced control panel for adjustments and updates as your organization evolves.
Seamless integration of your own branding elements.
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Empower with Knowledge.

Equip your users with a vast array of insightful content designed to guide and support them through the process of building their own companies.

Tools to create and distribute your own content seamlessly.
Efficient content management system for easy updating and organizing.
Content analytics to understand user engagement and preferences.
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Connect, Collaborate, and Grow.

Build an engaging, interactive community where users can network, share ideas, and explore opportunities within the ecosystem.

Tools for users to create their own profiles, connect, and collaborate.
Features enabling organizations to highlight success stories and opportunities.
Analytics to understand community growth, engagement, and user behavior.
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Take Control with Ease.

Manage your platform effortlessly with a robust and intuitive administration dashboard, maintaining the quality and integrity of your user experience.

Comprehensive control panel for managing users, content, and community.
Tools for monitoring and analyzing platform usage and user behavior.
Security measures to protect the platform and user data.
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We're Here For You.

Backed by a dedicated support team, our platform ensures you receive the assistance you need to troubleshoot issues, optimize usage, and improve user satisfaction.

Access to a comprehensive library of help articles and tutorials.
Regular updates and patches to ensure platform performance and security.
Consultation services for platform optimization and user engagement strategies.
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Who Do We Empower?

We help organizations to ignite their entrepreneurship-focused economic mobility programs through our comprehensive digital platform

Entrepreneurial Support Organizations

Are you an ESO dedicated to nurturing an inclusive ecosystem that fuels the limitless potential of diverse entrepreneurial talent?

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Small Business Communities

Are you a small business community dedicated to supporting and guiding businesses as they grow and strive for success?

Yes, Let's Go!
Economic Development Hubs

Are you an economic development hub dedicated to fostering growth and opportunity for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey?

Yes, Let's Go!

Are you a university devoted to creating an entrepreneurial atmosphere that amplifies the boundless ambitions of diverse student innovators?

Yes, Let's Go!

Plans for Every Stage of Growth.

Our tiered pricing model is designed to scale with you. Whether you're just starting out or already an established community, we have a plan tailored to your needs. Discover our feature-rich, competitively priced tiers, all created to empower your business community and pave the way for success.


Ideal for small, local organizations aiming to aid business development within their immediate ecosystem.

Up to 250 users
Basic analytics package
Labeled Platform on TheStartup.com
Integrated Community
Self-Guided Onboarding


Suited for local organizations with a broader reach that offer localized programs and support.

Up to 1000 users
Fully branded and customizable platform
Exclusive community
Onboarding support
Access to core upcoming features


Perfect for large organizations or universities with a need for larger user numbers or sub-communities.

Up to 2500 users
Enhanced analytics Dashboards
Exclusive community
Onboarding support
Limited Sub Organisations
Access to core upcoming features


The best fit for top-tier, industry-wide initiatives with a substantial ecosystem of sub-organizations. This tier is designed for influential entities at the statewide, citywide, or industry-wide level.

Custom Users
Custom Analytics
Exclusive Community
Dedicated Account Management
Network Administration
Custom Sub organizations
Roadmap Consultation

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