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The Startup.com x The Boostpad

Discover how The Boostpad, an entrepreneurial support organization supporting Flexie founder William Ward, found a transformative ally in TheStartup.com.


From Refugee to Tech CEO

William Ward came to the US as a teenage refugee fleeing war and poverty in Liberia. He came with his family, but because of their circumstances, he knew he needed to fend for himself. Unfortunately, finding his first job was challenging, and it remained challenging to find flexible employment as he continued his education. Flexie was born out of that experience. William saw an opportunity in the community for workers who need flexibility and individuals who need short-term help.

The Development of Flexie

Flexie (formerly PettyGigs) instantly connects companies to a large pool of untapped youth talent to fill labor gaps and build a diverse talent pipeline. The platform allows young people the flexibility to find jobs that match their lifestyles, interests, and availability. For students with busy schedules, the platform provides the flexibility to choose when to work and when to study. After working with The Boostpad, Flexie was selected to join one of the most competitive accelerator programs in the United States, Techstars, last fall. TechStars Accelerator program [Austin] has one of the fastest growing, collaborative, and exciting tech ecosystems in the country! They invest in founders they believe can build a meaningful company and attract world-class talent.


"After fleeing the civil war in Liberia to attend college in the US, we lacked flexibility. We worked 2-3 jobs at a time and could not choose when we worked and when we studied. We built Flexie so that others do not have to go through the same experience" - William Ward, Founder of Flexie

The Boostpad

As proud partners of The Boost Pad, we host their comprehensive curriculum on our platform, providing a transformative learning experience for aspiring entrepreneurs like William Ward of Flexie.

Our mission is to break down barriers and provide equal opportunities for all. With The Boost Pad's curriculum, we offer a wealth of knowledge and resources tailored to the unique needs of underrepresented entrepreneurs. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to take your business to the next level, our platform is designed to support your journey.

Through our intuitive and accessible platform, you'll gain access to the same tools and knowledge that have enabled success stories like William Ward's. From crafting a solid business plan to developing effective marketing strategies, our platform equips users with the essential skills needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


How We Help Our Clients


"Without the TheStartup.com, The Boost Pad would not be where it is today. We never felt that we were a customer; we always felt like a partner. Their focus to democratize entrepreneurships for ALL resonates with our community."

Steven Lewis, Executive Director of The Boost Pad

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Why Use Our Platform?

Simplifying entrepreneurship, empowering success, and driving economic uplift in your community through our innovative platform.

Reach Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Scaling Your Influence, Wherever Entrepreneurs Aspire

Our software ensures accessibility for all. It amplifies your reach, making your essential resources accessible to budding entrepreneurs anywhere, anytime.

Help along the Way

Empowering your Mission, Enabling Success

Our dedicated team of experts are at your disposal to ensure seamless integration and optimal use of our platform to foster your community's entrepreneurial growth.

Community Insight

Harnessing Data, Driving Insights

Our platform enables the collection of valuable data, providing you with actionable insights to shape your programs and further nurture your entrepreneurial community.

Time Savings

Streamlining Operations, Freeing up Potential

Our platform consolidates all your resources, content delivery, community interaction, and support tools, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Use Cases

The platform offers a wide range of functionalities to cater to diverse use cases, seamlessly accommodating various organizations and purposes.

Digital Transformation

Digitize your current operations. Reduce your administrative load and improve your organizational efficiency by using our all end-to-end online solution.

Workshop Enhancement

Create a digital companion to in-person workshops - Enable access to resources and supplementary materials for those who may not always be able to attend physically.

Incubator or Accelerator Programs

Manage your programs by using the platform to streamline your application processes, assess and track the progress of your participants, and deliver personalized content to assist with business development.

Virtual Community Building

Create branded communities where entrepreneurs can communicate and collaborate, opening opportunities for idea sharing and networking.

Some Features

Reduce the operational hassle while empowering entrepreneurial communities. We’ve built a comprehensive platform packed with diverse features for thriving communities.

Empowering Entrepreneurial Education Digitally

Our innovative Content Management feature provides a centralized, digital platform for Entrepreneurial Support Organizations to curate and disseminate their educational content efficiently and effectively.

Utilize dynamic questionnaires to assess user needs and deliver personalized, relevant content.
Deliver diverse content, including text-based, audio, and video resources, across any range of topics.
Upload, manage, and organize content according to categories or themes, making it easy for entrepreneurs to find and navigate resources.
Store the output from learning activities, building a valuable resource repository for future grant or loan applications.
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Streamlining Applications to Accelerate Success

The Application Management feature revolutionizes how applications for grants, loans, and programs are processed, saving time for both the organization and the applicant.

Digitize all application processes, making them faster, more organized, and easier to manage.
Applicants can upload all necessary documentation and materials directly to the platform, reducing paperwork and potential loss of data.
Easily track and manage the status of each application, keeping all stakeholders informed and updated.
Automatic archival of application data for future reference and accountability.
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Navigate Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Confidence

The Journey Management/Resource Navigator feature provides tailored guidance for each user, based on their unique needs and goals.

Intelligent system that recommends ‘next best actions’ to guide each entrepreneur based on their responses in playbooks.
Users can access a roadmap of their entrepreneurial journey, which adapts as their business progresses and their needs change.
Comprehensive library of resources is categorized and easily searchable, enabling users to find exactly what they need when they need it.
Leverage data from completed learning activities for personalized guidance and suggestions.
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Your Brand, Your Community

Our Brand Customizability feature allows each organization to reflect their unique identity within the platform, fostering a sense of community among their users.

Easy-to-use customization tools allow organizations to implement their brand colors, logos, and other identifying features.
Deliver a consistent, branded experience across all interactions within the platform, from content delivery to community communication.
Enhance user trust and loyalty by maintaining a recognizable and familiar brand presence.
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Forge Strong Connections in Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Our Community Communication feature facilitates efficient, inclusive communication within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Centralized platform for all community communications, replacing scattered and potentially inaccessible physical meetings.
Users can share their successes, challenges, and questions, creating a supportive, knowledge-sharing environment.
Promotes networking opportunities within the ecosystem, helping entrepreneurs to form partnerships and collaborations.
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Harness Data to Drive Your Mission

Our Administration feature provides actionable insights into your operations, helping you to make informed decisions and improve your support for entrepreneurs.

Track key metrics such as user engagement, content consumption, and application status, giving a clear overview of your organization's performance.
Identify trends and patterns in user behavior to inform strategy and resource allocation.
Use data-driven insights to improve and personalize the user experience.
Monitor the progress and success of entrepreneurs, enabling you to showcase your organization’s impact.
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