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The x The Local Enterprise Offices

Empowering Local Entrepreneurs: The Local Enterprise Offices' Journey with


Harnessing Technology for Holistic Development

Making strides with ',' The Local Enterprise Office has truly capitalized on the platform’s capabilities. Leveraging this white label software, The Local Enterprise Office has streamlined its operations and fostered growth within its Digital Technology StartUp Incubation and Innovation Centre. The platform acts as a nexus, connecting users to essential stakeholders across their ecosystem, thereby ensuring a seamless workflow. In these unpredictable times marked by global pandemics, the platform assures continuity, while also being primed for the new norm of hybrid working. Additionally, it has become an indispensable tool, enabling tracking of startups, simplifying the funding application process, and promoting engagement with potent content and benefits from their corporate allies.

Streamlining Startups’ Journey has become an instrumental partner for The Local Enterprise Office, not just as a functional platform but as an incubator’s ally. The platform facilitates startups to seamlessly navigate through The Local Enterprise Office’s tailored Incubation and Acceleration Programmes. Furthermore, it acts as a repository, housing critical documents such as pitch decks and business plans. This centralized storage system makes it incredibly convenient to share pertinent information with prospective investors. Through the platform, startups are not just receiving technological tools; they are gaining an ecosystem that propels them towards success, connecting them with clients, partners, investors, and invaluable opportunities for growth.


To obtain funding and other benefits , interested entrepreneurs will create an account, build their user profile and complete a journey planner on The Local Enterprise Office platform. Each entrepreneur’s journey planner provides them with resources uniquely tailored to their needs

The Local Enterprise Offices

The Local Enterprise Offices, Kildare, is a pioneering innovation hub, focusing on technological advancement in Ireland's Mid-East regions like Kildare, Meath, and Wicklow. With a commitment to shaping the future of digital tech ventures, products, and services, they aim to fortify Ireland's prominence in the digital age.

Backed by the combined efforts of Kildare County Council and Enterprise Ireland under the Regional Enterprise Development Fund (REFD), The Local Enterprise Office finds its roots in the vibrant heart of Kildare, Naas. This collaboration signifies a strategic initiative to foster local digital innovation.

The Local Enterprise Office is more than just a hub; it's a catalyst for nurturing and scaling groundbreaking ideas in the digital realm. By offering an array of amenities from dynamic workspaces to collaborative zones, the hub is designed to foster creativity, encourage collaboration, and facilitate the growth of tech-centric professionals and startups. With a vision of driving digital innovation, The Local Enterprise Office has solidified its position as a powerhouse for technological advancement.


How We Help Our Clients


"The ability to have an online platform for connecting and interacting with all key stakeholder groups across the ecosystem is essential for a modern incubation/accelerator hub.

We can track startups progress through our programmes, easily enable them to populate application forms for funding from State development agencies and connect them with really strong content, playbooks and member benefits from our corporate partners. Having all their pitch decks and business plans on the platform makes it easy to share access with prospective investors."

Joe O'Carroll, General Manager at The Local Enterprise Office, Kildare

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Why Use Our Platform?

Simplifying entrepreneurship, empowering success, and driving economic uplift in your community through our innovative platform.

Reach Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Unleash the Power of Inclusive Support

Our software ensures accessibility for all. It amplifies your reach, making your essential resources accessible to budding entrepreneurs anywhere, anytime.

Help along the Way

Enabling Enablers: Your Partner in Empowerment

We provide an infrastructure of support, enabling small business communities to seamlessly guide their entrepreneurs at every stage.

Community Insight

Empowerment through Knowledge: Data-driven Decisions

Harness the power of data to gain insight into your community, empowering decision making and fueling growth.

Time Savings

Efficiency Unlocked: Your Business Hub

Experience the convenience of an all-in-one platform, saving time by streamlining operations and centralizing resources.

Use Cases

The platform offers a wide range of functionalities to cater to diverse use cases, seamlessly accommodating various organizations and purposes.

Resource Sharing

Share resources, best practices, and advice, strengthening the overall business environment.

Community Building

Facilitate communication and collaboration, and foster a strong sense of community through your virtual hub for local businesses

Business Development

Help grow and develop small businesses in your community by providing everything from personalized learning resources to applications support.

Mentorship Programs

Create and manage mentorship programs. Experienced business owners can offer their wisdom and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs and newer businesses in the community.

Some Features

Reduce the operational hassle while empowering entrepreneurial communities. We’ve built a comprehensive platform packed with diverse features for thriving communities.

Tailored Learning for Progressive Growth

Our dynamic Content Management System curates personalized content for users based on their needs and progress in their entrepreneurial journey.

Uses smart questionnaires to identify user needs and tailor content accordingly.
Offers 'playbooks' that assess user requirements and recommends personalized 'next best actions'.
Provides curated learning resources attached with activities to enhance understanding and application.
Allows storing of activity outputs for future reference or use in loan and grant applications.
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Streamline Your Funding Process

An efficient management tool to assist in application processes for loans, grants, or other opportunities.

Facilitates easy compilation and submission of necessary documents.
Tracks application progress and updates users accordingly.
Uses past user activity and learning data to aid in application processes.
Connects users with various funding opportunities suitable for their business needs.
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Guiding Users Along Your Entrepreneurial Path

A comprehensive tool that offers guidance and resources to users based on their current phase in the entrepreneurial journey.

Provides personalized roadmap based on user's business needs and progress.
Recommends resources, learning content, and next actions aligned with the user's business stage.
Tracks user progress and adjusts roadmap accordingly.
Connects users with relevant industry contacts or networking opportunities.
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Your Brand, Your Community

Allows organizations to customize the platform to align with their own branding and foster a sense of belonging among users.

Facilitates the customization of platform visuals and design elements to match the organization's branding.
Allows organizations to create branded business communities, promoting a sense of community and belonging among users.
Enhance user trust and loyalty by maintaining a recognizable and familiar brand presence.
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Connect, Collaborate, and Grow

A collaborative platform for users to engage, network, and share opportunities within the business community.

Encourages interaction among users for knowledge exchange and networking.
Allows organizations to communicate opportunities within their ecosystem.
Promotes community learning and peer-to-peer support.
Provides a platform for collaboration on projects and initiatives.
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Insights to Drive Your Community Forward

Provides robust tools for administrative tasks and analytics to drive data-informed decisions for the community.

Provides insights on user engagement, content effectiveness, and community growth.
Enables data-informed decision-making to enhance user experience and community development.
Identify trends and patterns in user behavior to inform strategy and resource allocation.
Tracks progress of individual users as well as the overall community, aiding in strategic planning and resource allocation.
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